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Bonnie Blue Paisley 7-fold Silk Tie Set by Paul Malone

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Item Details
Brand: Paul Malone
Fabric: 100% Silk
Includes: 7-fold Tie, Pocket Square
Hand Made
Jacquard Woven
Construction: 7-fold
Dry-clean only

What is a 7-fold tie?
A 7-fold tie is a tie constructed from one single piece of silk. It is folded 7 times to achieve thickness and a silkier feel. A 7-fold tie is regarded as the gold standard in tie manufacturing. A real 7-fold tie does not contain an inter lining, which is used in other ties to achieve the thickness and feel, with a 7-fold tie, all of the thickness comes directly from the folded silk, the shape of the tie is held by the shell alone. Making a seven-fold tie is not easy and takes a real expert in the field.


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